Six Truths about Hell for an Age of Religious Fraud

Six truths about hell which have been neglected in this age of religious fraud:

 1) Hell is fundamentally the separation of light and darkness (Gen 1:3, Jn 1:3), darkness being those who have no hunger and thirst for God’s justice/righteousness, who commit treachery without excuse (Psa 25:3), and for whom the self-annihilating futility of sin captivates the depths of their hearts (Psa 36:1).

 2) Hell is “very good” (Gen 1:31)

 3) Hell is “beautiful” (Eccl 3:11), as can be seen clearly in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, wherein the rich man exhibits more humanity than you will find in the civic and religious institutions of man.

 4) Hell is far better than sin: it is better to be cast into its depths with a millstone, than to sin (Matt 18:6, Matt 12:40, Jonah 2:1).  

 5) Based on 3 & 4, we can conclude, with Augustine (Enchiridion chap 111), that hell is the cessation of sin, the preservation of the creature from sin’s annihilation. It is, in the lowest sense, part of Christ’s salvation from sin and therefore the result of his atoning blood sacrifice, which is effectual in reconciling all creation to Him (Col 1:20), even those everlastingly consigned to hell. So much for “limited atonement.”  This is one with Solomon’s claim that God will not let one of his works perish (Eccl 3:14) 

 6) God as self-existent Creator is not bound by obligation to do anything, but always acts freely, i.e gratuitously. He does everything “by grace.” This means that hell is a grace, a means by which God preserves his creatures from the worst possible fate: the return of a creature made from nothing back to nothing. 

  All of the above yield five critical conclusions: 

 1) Christ came to save men and women from sin, not from hell. While full restoration to God’s righteousness is desirable to those who are light, it will never be desirable to those who are darkness. Therefore, “salvation from hell” is merely the cunning trickery of charming, deceitful men and women, whom we ought to avoid at all costs (I Tim 3:5).

 2) Hell will be the best thing that ever happens to the wicked, to those who have no hunger and thirst for righteousness, but crave their own annihilation through sin. 

 3) “The day of death is better than the day of birth,” precisely because it is the day on which the creature is no longer vulnerable to the annihilation of sin. No exceptions: this is equally true for all men and women. Everyone will be in “a better place,” because nothing is worse than sin, not even the bloody judgment which is now on the threshold of this world.

 4) God is loving and compassionate in all He does (Psa 145), even His wrath,  returning all His creatures, in varying degrees, to a consciousness of Him as Creator, to a consciousness of true beauty. For the knowledge of the Lord is the very life and light of the creature. 

 5) Because God is sovereignly faithful in all things, our hearts can find rest in Him (Psa 62), as we leave behind the frenzied folly that is taught as truth in a reckless age of fraudulent faith. Let the deceived work themselves into religious frenzy and offer “the sacrifice of fools.” The God of the Scripture tells us to “draw near to listen,” meditating on Scripture–to “be still” while He throws the “mountains into the heart of the sea,” i.e destroys the City of Man with its political and religious structures. Blessed is the one in whom there is no deceit (Psa 32), and who hopes for a world free from Cain’s restless and imposing structures.

All this begs an important question: who are these perverts in pulpits and pews who have been preaching what is contradictory to the Scripture for at least a millennium, and slandering the Creator with their lies? Who are they but the same man of lawlessness that Paul predicted, the abomination at the altar, the churchgoer who invokes God’s blessing while despising God’s righteousness, revealed in the Law and in Christ’s blood (Deut 29, Heb 10). 

  Per the testimony of Moses, which was fully reconfirmed in the new covenant (Matt 5:18, Acts 24:14, Rom 3:31 & 8:2, I Jn 3:4), God is never willing to forgive such people (Deut 29:20), who manipulate the Scripture in order to lure wolves into the flock, that they might build “ministry” platforms for worldly gain. Woe to the shepherds who feed themselves by teaching error concerning the LORD! They will be the first to experience God’s sobering terror–a sign of warning and a byword to others.

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