What is a Pharisee?

I’ve seen this term thrown around frequently on social media, and usually with the same shallow judgement that pharisees themselves use. Knowing the full content and connotation of a word is important before using it, especially to avoid using a condemnatory term frivolously. The term does fit many people, but it takes careful and thorough… Continue reading What is a Pharisee?

Wisdom’s Treasures: Angelina Grimke

Among those treasures, new and old, of history, Angelina Grimke has become–to me–one of the most brilliant.  Her calm, reasoned exposition of Scripture, proving that American Slavery was an utter defiance of Mosaic Law, has, as all truth does, set me free.    I have been amazed, for some time, at the parallels between the… Continue reading Wisdom’s Treasures: Angelina Grimke


I’ve been reading Noel Rae’s The Great Stain, Elif Shafak’s Island of Missing Trees and The Bastard of Istanbul, and beginning to whet my mind on some of Zymgunt Bauman’s writing on ethics (which resonates powerfully with Charles Taylor’s, Hannah Arendt’s, and Miraslov Volf’s respective works). Then I ran into this article on Tribalism: https://en.unesco.org/courier/2017-october-december/philosophy-versus-tribalism.… Continue reading Tribalism